What to expect

  • Guests can expect to remain active and walk from location to location through downtown Colorado Springs. 
  • Our party will stop periodically to hear facts and details from the tour guide and to ask the tour guide questions. 
  • The group proceeds through several city streets, as well as through Acacia Park.  
  • There are several park benches along the route as well as low standing brick walls on which to rest if needed. 
  • We take one bathroom break just over halfway through the tour.
  • We will stop at one of our local sweet shops along the way for a delightful treat (included in your ticket price)
  • At our last destination (Jack Quinn's Irish Pub), you will receive a free appetizer and a $5 dollar gift card for a drink (included in your ticket price)
William Seymour
William Seymour
Mosaic Goose
Mosaic Goose


Approx 2hr,

Approx 4000 steps

Approx 1.5 mi

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